Didier Van Geyseghem

Born in 1975 in Uccle, it is his grandmother who gives him a taste for the piano.

He then began practicing the instrument at the age of 8, and also learned the solfeggio and the organ.

He then studied at Huy 1 in the carpentry section.

At the age of 13, he decided to form his first group of covers and three years later he entered his very first group of purely instrumental compositions: “Additional Musician” (with B. Mestré and M. Ravima).

At 25, he incorporated “So Be It”, a group of original compositions (with Jean Philippe and Jessica Crepo).

At 28, he meets Dominique with whom he will create the group No Pan Kissa.

Didier is also a specialist in acoustic insulation, he learned this trade in the company “Far audio acoustic”, he can then live his two passions: music and the realization of recording studios as acoustician.

Many recording studios and radios were made by Didier, notably for the RTBF.

Didier Van Geyseghem