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No Pan Kissa History

The group was born in 2008 under the impetus of Dominique Messere (vocals) and Didier Van Geyseghem (keyboards). Their desire was to create their own musical

style that included a mix of different musical genres such as “intuitive” rock, jazz, reggae, post-rock and barock’n roll.

Their aim is to leave the musical routine, while proposing a music away from stereotypes and musical standards but which will please the public.

Known for several years already, the structure of several songs already exists and different songs are quickly composed.

Angelo Milone then joined the band on drums. The posts of guitarist and bassist will be ensured by different musicians of passage.

In the wake of its creation, the group goes directly on stage and performs at the Ateliers Rock in Huy. http://y-aaz2.skynetblogs.be/no-pan-kissa/

Other performances were made including a concert at the Fiesta du Rock in Flémalle in 2009. http://www.lavenir.net/cnt/262723

In 2011 and after some changes of musicians the band acquires a certain stability and the line-up is completed by Maxime Hoyoux (guitar) and Mike Fodsey (Bass).

The concerts follow one another, including a stage appearance of some of the group’s musicians during a concert with the Panache Culture group https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Nmzed7xcRI

The band has gained some experience on stage, so it was time to move on to the next step, recording a EP. The group then entered the studio in 2013 and later released its first disc, a EP 4 titles soberly titled NPK.

The group then hosts in 2014 a new bassist, Laurent Da Pra. And in order to further expand his universe and explore new sounds, the group also occasionally hosted a cellist, Aurélie Potty.

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