Pierre Doffagne

Born in 1979 in Libramont, the youngest son of a family of three children, he grew up with his father’s and sisters’ favorite music: Dire Straits, Leonard Cohen, the Stones and especially Queen, of which he is an unconditional fan.

He became interested in groups with increasingly hard sounds (Aerosmith, AC / DC) and metal (Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera). His favorite metal band: Dream Theater.

At 14, invited to a local mini-festival, he falls in love with the play of the guitarist interpreting “The Long Train Running” Doobie Brothers. He then began guitar lessons for 4 years, before forming his first project, Circle of Fire (metal compound Heavy / prog). He is a rhythm guitarist.

In 2002, he went to study in Brussels and the project stopped. Passionate of

Cinema and sound techniques, he began studies in Cinematography Techniques at INRACI, completed 3 years later. He will then work in television studio (VideoHouse) and radio (RTBF).

In 2008 a meeting brought him to Liège where he settled permanently in 2013. He returned to his great passion: Music. In order to realize his models, he is initiated to the bass.

Wanting to participate in a rock project allowing him to compose, write and participate in the arrangements, he discovers No Pan Kissa with whom he finds the rock / prog influences and the atmospheres of synths that he loves so much.

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